My 2017 Spring Semester Bucket List

I can’t believe I am already halfway through junior year, and that I only have three semesters left of college. The fall semester flew by! I am super excited for part two of junior year, though. Here’s my bucket list for it!

Explore more of North Carolina: The one place I still need to visit in North Carolina is Asheville, and coincidentally, one of my best friends goes to school near there! I miss Maja a crap ton, and I still haven’t been to Warren Wilson to visit her (because I have been busy and dumb). She is (hopefully) coming to visit me next week, but I need to make the trek to Asheville to go see her!

Write a song: I’ve played guitar since my junior year of high school, but the closest I came to writing my own music was a mashup of ‘Anna Sun’ and ‘Riptide’ that I wrote my freshman year of college (I have never actually successfully played it, though, because I wrote a duet and I never looked for someone to sing the other part). I have tried to write an actual original song, but I have never been able to. I am going to give it another try!

Run a 10-Miler: I am registered to run the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler with an amazing dream team — my aunt, my mom and my sister Jane — at the beginning of April. I’m fired up! I ran this race last year, and it was easily the most beautiful race I have ever run (the course is also pretty flat, which is really nice). I took winter break easy on the running front, so it’s just a matter of getting back in the swing of things and making my training plan (I want to run the Tar Heel 10-Miler, too, but I sill need to register for that).

Read I’ll Give You The SunMy wonderful sister Jennie gave me this book for Christmas. She said it is one of her favorites. Last semester, I read a book of short stories by sneaking a story or two whenever I had a little bit of downtime. I want to do that with I’ll Give You The Sun this semester. The other book she gave me for Christmas, Fangirl, was amazing. I’ve already started this one, and it is also awesome so far.

Fall in love with one of my classes: Do you ever get so engrossed in what you’re working on that you forget about everything else? That’s happened to me while working for The Daily Tar Heel, but also in my Public Affairs Reporting class — the reporting captivated me. I want to have another class like that this semester. I’m in some pretty awesome ones lined up, so I like my chances.

Improve my GPA: When it comes to school, grades are not all I care about, but I still want to do well. Like running, I view grade success on an improvement basis, so my goal for this semester is just to get a higher GPA than last semester. I am only taking four classes, so I will have a bit more time to focus on each one of them, so hopefully this works out.

HAVE FUN 🙂 : Living in a house with seven of the greatest women I know has proved to make having fun a cinch! I feel like I have a family away from home (I would go on, but I will get emotional). Not only that, but I’ve made friends with some awesome people at The Daily Tar Heel, who love coloring, Obama and Biden’s friendship, Pride and Prejudice and dogs as much as I do. I am hyped up about another semester of making memories with all of these wonderful people (and for making new friends too :))



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