Night on a lake

The gentle haze across the water makes

Me feel almost like I am dreaming it.

The rippling black lake, the darker mountains,

The sky that seems to take a purple hue.

The kind of beauty pictures can’t do justice.

A perfect peace. I rest my head against

The dock and try to burn the stars into

My mind. The giant behemoths of light

that look like sparkling grains of sand from where

I lie, rocking with the waves of the lake.

The sound of my friends’ laughter rings across

The water. We joke of jumping in, and

I want to — to become one with the night

In one grand leap. But that would mean we’d have

To go inside sooner, seeking the comfort

Of the heat from the mid-November chill.

So we remain observers of the scene,

Admiring this gorgeous, vast universe

As long as we can, but not long enough.


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