Why I love running

I am surrounded by beauty.

But sometimes, trapped in the day-to-day stresses, I forget. I forget how perfect the sky is, how delightful the sunlight looks when it flashes through the leaves, how lovely the rain feels when it hits my face.

Not when I run. When I run, all of that becomes clear. Everything is clear. All of the worries that were stressing me out before suddenly seem silly. Solutions to my problems magically bubble up from the corners of my mind. I am enveloped in the glory of the world as I fall into the rhythm of my footsteps.

The wind grazes my face and the ground rolls under my feet. I smile. No problem is too grand, no dream too out of reach. Maybe it was all too much this morning, but not anymore.

All that matters is air and sky and hills.

Then the earth starts to tilt in front of me, and suddenly I am flying. My legs are spinning like wheels as they try to keep up with gravity’s tug. Arms become wings that stabilize me as the wind roars around my ears and my face. Amidst the rush, I find peace.

I am a horse without reins.


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