My 2016 Fall Semester Bucket List

This semester is going to be awesome. Here’s my bucket list as I gear up for it.


I am officially starting my junior year of college today, and I am so, so excited! Fall at UNC never fails to disappoint, and this year will be better than ever. No getting embarrassingly lost trying to go to the dining hall or dealing with the infamous “sophomore slump.” In short, it will be a great. Here are the items on my bucket list as I gear up for it.

Run a Half Marathon: I ran my first half marathon last November and absolutely loved it. Since then, I’ve run two 10-milers and a 10k. I registered to run a half marathon in Durham in October. The ultimate goal is to use that as a launching pad to run a marathon in the spring (hopefully).

Go somewhere I’ve never been before: I love going on adventures, so this one ranks at the top of my bucket list. And it shouldn’t be hard to accomplish, considering how poorly I have explored North Carolina in my two years at UNC (I can count the times I’ve been to downtown Durham on one hand, and I have never been to downtown Raleigh).

Read Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Because Shakespeare is a beautiful writer, and I would love to read and admire his poetry. If I read two short sonnets per day, I should be able to finish all 154 by the end of 2016.

Fall in love with one of my classes: I took Abnormal Psychology last fall, and that was the most in love I’ve ever been with a class. I had the class at 8 a.m., but I would still get bummed out if my professor canceled. If I accidentally woke up at 7:50, I would sprint from Morrison to Peabody to make it to class on time (normally a 15-20 minute walk. And my professor didn’t take attendance.) I’ve taken some other pretty amazing classes at UNC, like Social Psychology, Writing and Reporting, Drawing and LFIT. I want another class like that this semester, and think my class schedule is setting me up for success in this category (I am in three journalism classes).

Finish A Song of Ice and Fire: I just started the last book (A Dance with Dragons) a couple of weeks ago, so I am close. The only problem is that George R. R. Martin writes ridiculously long books, and I will have homework. I pretty sure I will be able to finish it by the end of the semester, though.

Write a feature article for The Daily Tar Heel: In my year as a staff writer, I wrote three feature articles for the sports desk, and I had a blast writing each one. I love getting to go really in depth on a story and having time to put my voice into the piece. I am going to be an assistant editor in the fall, so I know I will be on the busy side, but I definitely want to write another feature.

HAVE FUN 🙂 : I know, I know. This one is corny and cliche (that’s why I had to add the smiley face), but I had to include it nonetheless because this is one of my main goals. And since I will be living with seven of my best friends, it will be a cinch!

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