Why I am starting a blog

The idea first popped into my head in the spring. At first, I saw it as a way to practice. I love writing, and I want to be a reporter. So having a blog gives me an opportunity to write and experiment with different styles in an informal setting. It sounded really fun to me, so I decided to spend some free time over the summer brainstorming and working on things that I could publish (I’m anticipating that once school starts, it will be a bit difficult to write long form pieces for this).

That’s when I realized having a blog isn’t just about writing. It’s about freedom. I can write about anything I want. I curate my content based on the process of creating rather than the final product.

While I will include some stories from my life, I don’t think that will be the main focus. I plan on mainly making this a place where I will write not about me, but about what interests me (the latter is way more exciting). I will interview people in my life that have a cool story to tell. I will write about what I find when I do random Wikipedia searches. I will react to books, sports and other things I have seen in the world.

I can follow my curiosity wherever it takes me.


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